ATOM GALLERY: the Strange World of the Very Small

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Is it amazing that everything around us are all made up of these tiny particles called atoms. Atoms are not seen by our naked eye. Atoms are made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons. The word atom came from the Greek word for “uncuttable” or “udivided”. The most abundant atom in the universe is the hygrogen atom. Isn’t it amazing to think that things such as these atoms exists. The chocolate bar that you are eating is also consists of atoms. Things as small as this can be very puzzling and strange. It takes us to a world of wonder and curiosity.



Truly, esters are fun to make. Thinking of what aroma I’ll smell excites me. I can say that the experiment or the lab activity was tiring and enjoyable at the same time. Everyone was so busy figuring out what to do and what they should do next. One thing that I have learned from the other groups is that everyone must take precautions. One of my classmates broke a test tube. While another group made a mess due to the hot bath. One of my group mates was burned because he touched the heater without realizing that it was still hot.
Another thing that I have learned is time management. We are tasked to make fifteen esters, but we ended up making only six of them. Even though we weren’t able to finish on time I am still happy because we got results from the six esters that we have made.
I also have learned that the key in doing experiments is being sure and try not to be clumsy.
My favorite ester was the Test four among the rest because it has a pretty white layer in between. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I really find it pretty.


It’s not just about dancing. It’s about dancing with no hesitation. The bigger movements, the better it is. After having a zumba session in our school, I have realized that it was very enjoyable and I think it increases my happy mood. It helped me feel more energized and hyper. I think it would be nice to have a zumba day at least ones a week.

Thinking of steps would be hard and believe me it is. You have to consider the participants and the music itself. I thunk Zumba is hard and worth it. The effects of it in our body is great. I think we shoukd promote zumba and let the happiness and energy be spread.

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate frisbee, is a sport that only few know exists. Instead of a ball, a plate, the frisbee, is used. The game consists of four boys and three girls. Both boys and girls play an important role for this game. When I first introduced that the reactions were surprising. They thought that ultimate frisbee was just all about throwing the disc and that’s it. But there is more to it than just that. It includes running, catching, passing, strategizing, jumping, diving, and a lot more. Ultimate frisbee is a very unique sport. It doesn’t have any referees. Unlike any sports, this sport requires honesty to the game and to the opponent. I can say that ultimate frisbee has taught me so much, from team work, to skills and communication. So try playing ultimate frisbee. Surely, it’s fun and enjoyable4C1B6FCC-C546-4B4F-9A9F-DD8E2ACE3E93-4869-00000B3CE920E978_tmp

What is the world made of?

After watching the video that our teacher in Physical Science have shown to us, I have realized something. I have realized that the world is made out of elements.

In the video Henning Brand was introduced as an alchemist. Alchemists have great contributions in the world of science today. That is the use of labaratory materials. Alchemists work secretly. Their goal is to turn lead into gold. 

Henning Brand tried to get the philosopher stone from human urine, but failed to do so. Instead, he turned the human urine to white phosphorus. 

Henning was know to be the giver of light which pertains to the match.

I have also learned about Joseph Priestly.

He had proven the hidden secrets of nature. He tried heating different substance. He tried heating red calx or mercury to a very high temperature and turned it to the liquid mercury. He also gave the name good air to oxygen. 

Next is Antoine Lavoisier. He repeated Priestly’s experiment, but in reverse. He discovered that everything can be brought back with the same amount. He then was given the title, Father of Modern Chemistry. He also had discovered the inflammable element called hydrogen. What’s different about hydrogen is that as it is lighted with a splint it creates a popping sound which is a small explosion. He also discovered that water can be split into two, hydrogen and oxygen.

Romantiasm Humphry Davie is a great poet. He had shared to his fellow poets the laughing gas, which is NO2. 
After learning all of this from the video. I have learned that everything is indeed composed of elements.

The World of Probability

The World of Probability

After watching the video of The Quantum Leap I have gained more insights about the particles and their movements more. In the Quantum World there is a sense in which things don’t like to be tied down to one location as to what the video has stated. Here he explained that the particles go from one location to another. There are the laws of motions , proposed by Newton, which are relativity, inertia, and action there is an equal and opposite re-action. This is used to predict the movements of particles. The’s laws are not just telling us about the small things, but they are also telling us what reality is.

It was believed that an atom is like a solar system. the electron moves from one place to another and that orbits around the nucleus. According to Bohr, when the atom is heated, becomes agitated the electron would leap to one orbit to another and each downward leap would emit energy in the form of light. That explains why atoms gives out specific colors of light. This is were Quantum Leap started.


He has said that we can predict with certainty. He contradicted the theory of Bohr that stated that the atom is like the solar system. Instead of orbits he presented an electron cloud.

It’s so fascinating to even realize that things can be predicted even the smallest particles. It amazes me! How this video had thought me so much of why move this way or how they are. Thinking that this thing that I see is a particle is actually a wave.

The Probability wave

The size of the wave in any location takes the likelihood of the probability of the electron being found there.

The equation of the quantum mechanics turned out to be amazingly accurate and precised. This was proven by such of experiments already.

Amazing, how such equations can predict what is happening.

The theory of everything

The theory of everything

God does not play dice with the universe.”

Have you ever asked yourself “Where did everything come from?” I was so enlightened by the video I have watched about the Big Bang Theory. Here, it stated that everything happened because of a mysterious energy called the big bang. From that moment the universe begins.

It’s so mind blowing to watch the video because it gives you every detail about how the universe started. It’s like everything happened for a reason. I have realized that from that big bang everything was created. This bundle of energy is mysteriously the beginning of every atom in this universe.

I have learned so much from the film. I have learned that the first elements that was formed was Hydrogen. Then came after the other elements due to the collision of one element to another element.

Now let us go to the Supernovas.

“We are  stardust”

Stars act as factory for elements. Have you ever thought how all of the other elements were formed? These elements were formed because of the clashing of the elements , while heavier elements were formed by blowing up the factory (stars), called the super nova.

I also have learned that the earth started as chaos and it doesn’t look any near the earth we have today. Before, all that exists are lava and magma. Because of the rain the earth began to cool of and that formed the layers of our earth.

So in short …

BANG! Then the beginning of the universe had started.